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iD Editor 2.4.0 : Check out the changes of this new release !!!

September 3, 2017, by aHaSaN, category GeoTechnology, OpenStreetMap(OSM)

iD on browser edit panel

The iD editor is the de facto, browser-based OpenStreetMap editor. It was first launched in May 2013 to ease the editing for the osm contributors. iD is fast and easy to use and allows mapping from various data sources such as satellite and aerial imageries, GPS, Field Papers or Mapillary.

The iD editor is a great way to edit for small and easy changes that don’t require the advanced features of JOSM (a more advanced mapping editor). A detailed tutorial on iD editor is given on LearnOSM iD editor Chapter.

iD editor version 2.4.0 has been released on 25 August 2017 having some remarkable features and bug fixes, such as :
ūüď£¬†Release Highlights

ūüõį A¬†new global imagery layer: Esri World Imagery. ¬†Esri just made their imagery available for OSM use! (Big thaks to ESRI).¬†Check out the new imagery by opening the Background pane (shortcut¬†B)

ūüéȬ†New Features

  • Updates to save workflow :
    • Add¬†review_requested¬†changeset tag and checkbox
    • Add¬†source¬†changeset tag and multiselect field
    • Add¬†hashtags¬†changeset tag, API parameter, and auto fill hashtags from¬†comment
    • Write changeset tags for new mappers to indicate walkthrough progress – These tags all start with¬†ideditor:
    • Write changeset tag for¬†changesets_count¬†– it will contain¬†"0"¬†for someone making their first edit
    • Refactor¬†uiCommit¬†into several smaller modules
  • Add¬†addr:unit¬†input to address field for many countries
  • Make rotation and reflection operations available for more geometry types
  • Change raw tag editor¬†readOnlyTags¬†function to accept array of regular expressions
  • name¬†field is no longer automatically added to every preset
  • Field refactor
    • Add options for fields, allow unwrapped fields (no label, buttons, etc)
    • uiField¬†can now be used anywhere, not just inside the preset editor
    • Rename¬†uiPreset¬†->¬†uiPresetEditor¬†(consistent with raw tag editor, raw member editor, etc)

✨ Usability

  • In save mode,¬†esc¬†should cancel and return to browse mode
  • Recognize more kinds of concrete surface as “paved”
  • When drawing, ignore accidental clicks on mode buttons
  • Change to 80px arrow key panning (this matches Leaflet default)
  • Smoother border around the round vertex preset icon circles
  • Render railway platform slightly different from sidewalk
  • Treat a few special tags as areas even in the absence of a proper¬†area=yes¬†tag.


  • Include imagery offset when calculating tiles for background layer
  • Return to browse mode when zooming out beyond edit limit
  • Make sure bool url params actually contain value ‘true’


  • Update Chinese address format
  • Swap placement of increment/decrement spin buttons when RTL
  • Fix RTL styling for info panel close buttons
  • Fix RTL styling for spin control and form buttons


  • Use¬†requestIdleCallback¬†in supported browsers for deferred data fetching
    • Avoid reparsing duplicate entities that appear across adjacent OSM tiles
    • Schedule parsing as a low priority task
    • Schedule redraws during idle browser times


  • Add signpost term to guidepost preset
  • Remove maxspeed field from living street
  • Make¬†office=physician¬†non-searchable
  • Add preset for¬†amenity=shower
  • Add preset for¬†emergency=life_ring
  • Allow traffic mirror preset on vertex
  • Add presets for many theme park attractions
  • Improve search terms for wetland preset
  • Add jetty search term to¬†amenity=pier¬†preset
  • Remove¬†bin=yes¬†from excrement bag vending machine
  • Improve search terms for group home and social facility presets
  • Allow aerialway station to be drawn as an area
  • Improve search terms for T-bar lift
  • Add hedge preset to barrier category
  • Add railway presets for Derailer, Milestone, Signal, Switch, Train Wash and icons
  • Add railway preset for Buffer Stop, and icon
  • Replace generic “Reference” field with more specific named fields
  • Add preset for Telecom Manhole

The iD map editor is an open source project. You can submit bug reports, help out, or learn more by visiting their project page on GitHub: :octocat: https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD
Finally big thanks to the @TeamID for all their contribution and continuous effors for making more and more usefriendly iD versions.

Source: http://ideditor.com/ and iD Changelog

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