Submarine Cable Map

A submarine communications cable is a cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean. The first submarine communications cables, laid in the 1850s, carried telegraphy traffic. Subsequent generations of cables carried telephone traffic, then data communications traffic. Modern cables use optical fibertechnology to carry digital data, which includes telephone, Internet and private data traffic.

Modern cables are typically 69 millimetres (2.7 in) in diameter and weigh around 10 kilograms per metre (7 lb/ft), although thinner and lighter cables are used for deep-water sections.[1] As of 2010, submarine cables link all the world’s continentsexcept Antarctica.

TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map has been updated for 2015. The latest edition depicts 299 cable systems that are currently active, under construction, or expected to be fully-funded by the end of 2015.

Cable Map

See a larger version or visit the interactive version of the 2015 Submarine Cable Map.


This year’s map pays tribute to the pioneering mapmakers of the Age of Discovery, incorporating elements of medieval and renaissance cartography. In addition to serving as navigational aids, maps from this era were highly sought-after works of art, often adorned with fanciful illustrations of real and imagined dangers at sea. Such embellishments largely disappeared in the early 1600s, pushing modern map design into a purely functional direction.

To bring back the lost aesthetic that vanished along with these whimsical details, TeleGeography referenced a variety of resources in the design process. One of the most invaluable was Chet Van Duzer’s Sea Monsters in Medieval and Renaissance Maps book, which provides arguably the most complete history of the evolution of sea monsters and map design from this period. Our final product is a view of the global submarine cable network seen through the lens of a bygone era.

Cable Map

Main Projection

The map depicts routes of 278 in-service and 21 planned undersea cables. Capital cities for each country are also provided.

Cable Map


The map provides latency from the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong to several other countries, presented in milliseconds of round trip delay.

Cable Map

Lit Capacity

Inset infographics provide lit capacity data from 2002-2013 for the trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, US-Latin America, and Europe-Asia via Egypt routes.

Cable Map

Cable Installation

Inset illustrations depict steps in the cable laying process, including the receiving of a submarine cable on shore and the coiling of cable within a ship’s tank.

Cable Map

Dangers to Cables

The map is adorned with images of common causes of cable faults, including fishing vessels, anchors, and trenches on the ocean floor, as well as cable maintenance vessels responsible for repairs. In homage to vintage maps, it also includes ornate illustrations of mythical sea monsters.

Cable Map

The map is printed on Yupo, a high quality synthetic material, and measures 36” x 50” (0.9144 m x 1.27 m). The map is available flat and shipped in a tube (recommended for framing or hanging on a wall) or folded (for more convenient storage and transportation). Heat mounting is not recommended.


World Bank Young Professional Programme (YPP) Recruiting.

World Bank Young Professional Programme (YPP) Recruiting. Deadline until June 30, 2014.

Young Professionals will be in a two-year program with a “stretch/learning assignment” built in, where they will gain valuable on-the-job experience. They are a member of a team, where they are expected to make significant contributions towards the unit’s work program while they gain a broad overview of the World Bank’s policies and work.

Every year, around 40 applicants are accepted into the Young Professionals Program. YPs spend 24 months in a structured training program, and enjoy a variety of benefits and opportunities.

URGENT : Job Oppertunity (Part Time)

We have an Urgent Requirement for 2 young and energetic male students as Field Executive for World Bank and IWM supported Doctoral Research entitled “Water Management in Coastal Bangladesh & Livelihood Adaptations: A Study on Policies and Institutions” . It will be an excellent opportunities for the field executives to work with a highly experienced international organizations’ research team and to get experience as well as learning. At the end of the work the executives will get certificates.

Job Duration: 2 Months (Tentative)

Starting date: 4th October, 2013.

Responsibilities :

  • Complete the house hold and water management information collection through  interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with respondents using standardized interviewing tools and questionnaires and persuasion skills.
  • Legibly complete paper and pencil forms or survey questionnaires, where responses to questions are recorded verbatim by hand.
  • Accurately complete Interviewing instruments, and add the information in spss spread sheet into a computer.
  • Present research study goals and objectives in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Maintain the security and confidentially of all data.
  • Conduct pretest interviews and provide feedback to main research team.
  • Display good teamwork skills and a willingness to continually improve performance.
  • Ability to speak and communicate well with the public.


  • Graduate from Environmental Science / Economics or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Familiarity with desktop or laptop computer.
  • Must have experience and sound knowledge in SPSS and other statistical analysis.
  • Legible handwriting.
  • Previous field data collection and related research will add a value.
  • Knowing motor bike driving will be plus.
  • Receptive to monitoring and constructive feedback from supervisors to improve quality of interviews and interviewing techniques.
  • Ability to work independently without close supervision to meet deadlines.
  • Willingness to complete other interviewing tasks assigned.

Salary : Attractive ( Negotiable)

Contact:  Interested Candidates must contact as soon as possible via sending CV to email: . The primarily selected candidates will be requested to meet the research team in 4th October , 2013 in Khulna.


I have been requested to urgently collect  CVs of  2/3 Potential female candidates who should have  Professionalism, Proficiency in English, Computer Literacy, excellent communication skills and should be enterprising, dynamic and energetic. The following are the details of the opening:
Post : Disaster Risk Management Officer
Company : Khulna Based Reputed NGO
Salary : Lucrative (Around 30k)
Job Location : Khulna
Qualification : Graduate from Environmental science, KU
Skill – Basic Computer Knowledge (Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet), Good communication skill Knowledge of Climate change and Disaster Management.
Last Date for sending CV: Tomorrow (15th August, 2013)Instruction: Please send your CV preferably with 01 scanned photograph on, to as early as possible.


Urgently Need 2 Persons for Filed GPS Data Collection in Dhaka

Urgently need 2 persons having field GPS data surveying experience. They  have to  work in Slum area of Dhaka city for 12 days. If perform well then they will have more similar job in same area. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collect GPS points and tracks of existing water points (hand pumps, WASA tube wells, overhead tanks, etc), drainage channels, latrines, solid waste disposal points, and any other significant public infrastructure that could be useful to plan new water works. Illegal connections cannot be mapped individually, but zones with numerous illegal connections could be highlighted in the map, as well as area with significant open defecation, etc.
  • Collect GPS points of all schools, health points, Mosques, markets, and any other significant public building/place near which water points / connections would be required.
  • Collect estimated population data for each block, or sector/sub-block of Korail slum. . This could later be used in the design of the water system/location of new water points.

Remuneration: Minimum 1000tk per day

Contact: Interested persons are requested to contact within tomorrow through