Our Lovely Planet in December 22, 2012 Morning

The scientists working with NASA have proven time and time again that they have a very healthy sense of humor, and the latest picture they decided to make available to the general public further confirms this status quo.

To cut a long story short: those who are still unsure whether or not the world came to an end yesterday can now bid their worries “farewell,” as the picture above, taken by NASA on December 22, 2012, proves that the Earth is still “completely intact.”

“Isn’t this a great sight? Our lovely planet, completely intact, taken as a new day began: Dec. 22, 2012. Courtesy of NOAA’s GOES 15 satellite over the Pacific Ocean,” reads the message accompanying this picture.

Hopefully, those hiding in the underground or in their bunkers will now agree to once again step out into the light and go about their daily routine.

Building a ‘live Google Earth’

CopyRight: NASA

Two high definition cameras fixed to the International Space Station will soon offer real time pictures from space to everyone.

The basic service on offer will be free – with users able to log into the site and see live or archived images and video of anywhere on Earth. With the ISS orbiting the planet around 15 times a day, sooner or later it’ll be above something you want to look at.

“You can enter in your address and find out when it was above there last,” says Larson. “And at the same time, because we know where the space station is, you can enter in your address and find out when it’s going to be above you next. And so you can go outside, you can hold your event, your wedding, your sports day around when it’s going to be imaged from space.” There’s also the potential for broadcasters or websites to buy time on the moveable camera to track live news, sports games or events.

Source: BBC